SEPT 28 – OCT 1   |   Produced by Small World Music

Laura Camacho Salgado

Independent – Oslo, Norway

Laura is the Artistic Transformation Facilitator at the Cultural Transformation Project, a Creative Europe funded program, dedicated to reshaping cultural landscapes within organizations and enhancing the presence of underrepresented communities across the arts. With over a decade of experience in fostering connections across borders and recognizing the transformative power of art, Laura played a pivotal role as the Head of the International Program at Oslo World festival. She is also a co-creator of innovative initiatives such as Map the World and the Utopian Manifesto. Laura has contributed to transformative projects like Keychange, empowering underrepresented genders in the music industry. She has been also Program Advisor at Film from the South Festival and as a Jury Member of Spellemannprisen and Global Toronto. With a diverse academic background in literature, arts, and cinema, Laura’s research explores transnational representations of migrant bodies in cultural narratives across borders.  Laura’s extensive participation in conferences and panel debates worldwide, gives her the opportunity of building bridges across disciplines.