SEPT 28 – OCT 1   |   Produced by Small World Music

Sonido Pesao

Formed in 2016 in the heart of Montreal, Sonido Pesao is more than just a music group. Blending Latin-Urban-Rap influences, our unique sound reflects the diversity of our members, hailing from various countries in Latin America and the metropolis of Montreal.

Powerful, impactful, and rooted in the raw energy of disadvantaged neighborhoods, our music transcends boundaries to create an unforgettable sonic experience. The scenes of our performances overflow with contagious energy, where the explosive atmosphere defies conventional classification.
Sonido Pesao’s socially conscious lyrics are a product of our lived experiences, oscillating between the harsh realities of the streets and the unbridled celebrations of life. Through our music, we aim to create chaos while sparking reflection—a unique combination that makes Sonido Pesao more than just a band, but a force shaking the foundations of the music scene.


Join us on this musical journey that transcends cultural borders, ready to resonate in Montreal and beyond. ¡Vamos a romper con Sonido Pesao!