SEPT 28 – OCT 1   |   Produced by Small World Music

Empanadas Ilegales

Las Empanadas Ilegales, a Vancouver-based Psychedelic Cumbia and Salsa band, has been captivating audiences since 2017 with their contagious and groovy melodies and powerful percussive rhythms. This seven-piece ensemble, composed of diverse musicians hailing from various Latin American homelands, blends cumbia rhythms, hypnotic guitar melodies, and experimental salsa saxophone lines with surf-rock/free-jazz fusion. Their latest record, “Creepy Mambo,” pays homage to Cumbia cult classics while infusing contemporary, experimental synth sounds, slinky dub grooves, and feverish percussion departures.

Today, Las Empanadas Ilegales continues to craft new music and offer electrifying performances at festivals across Canada, including the Vancouver International Jazz Fest, Calgary Folk Fest, Tofino Jazz Fest, Small World Toronto, Global Toronto and more. With a lineup that boasts diverse talent, they offer a diverse and inclusive experience on stage. Having performed alongside acclaimed acts like Killer Mike, Sonido Gallo Negro, Helado Negro, Haley Blais, DEHD, Jesse Roper and many others they cultivate an immersive experience that guarantees an unforgettable journey for all audiences. With their infectious beats and unique sound, Las Empanadas Ilegales are a must-have addition to any lineup, offering an unparalleled energy and vibrancy that keeps crowds moving and grooving all night long.