SEPT 28 – OCT 1   |   Produced by Small World Music

Daby Touré

Born in Mauritania, a Sahelian country, and raised to Casamance, a lush tropical region located in the south-west of Senegal a region to indulge in the joy of dance. When he left the African continent and flew to Paris, in the “suitcases” of Hamidou, his dad, a member of the famous Senegalese group Toure Kunda, pioneer of modern African music, Daby Touré as already assimilated Pulaar, Woloff, Diola and Toucouleur melodies and rhythms as well as other inspirations The Police, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Dire Straits.

His very first album was released in 2000, called “Laddé”, and recorded with his cousin Omar under the name Touré-Touré. In 2003, Daby’s first solo opus, entitled “Diam”, enthused Peter Gabriel and was released in 2004 on Real World, Gabriel’s record label. The rising star Daby Touré released two more CDs with Real World: “Stereo Spirit” in 2007 and two years later the EP “Call My Name », a beautiful collaboration with the bluesman Skip McDonald. In 2012, the album “Lang(u)age came out on Universal. For the first time, Daby sings in French and two iconic French singers feature on it: Maxime Le Forestier and Francis Cabrel. Finally, “Amonafi” got published by Cumbancha in 2015.

It is sometimes difficult to identify the musical ingredients used by Daby Touré. A maestro composer and arranger, he is playing his magic, a kind of recipe which the “top chef” would keep secret. With scents of Folk music in the vein of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young along Blues notes carrying the wind of the desert and melodies that evoke the lullabies sung by his Soninke grandmothers but bring us back irresistibly towards California or Paris… topped with aromas in his lyrics that have the form of ancestral tales passed through the sieve of current realities… This is Daby Touré’s art.

Today he is coming back with with a kind of source return, which will allow him to link back with his fans and feed a new upcoming album.